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  • Leveraging social to deliver value and brand growth, even when you’re pressed for time?
  • Learning from fans and customers to drive innovation?
  • Always aware of the latest technologies and platforms?
  • Looking to strengthen professional relationships?

Social media is critical in today’s connected world. And while many leaders are intimidated by social and don’t make time for it, studies show that the more engaged they are, the more people trust their organization’s brand. Social media puts a face and voice to the organization.

Laura Tierney helps corporate and non-profit leaders stay at the cutting edge in personal branding and digital engagement. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours each day to give to digital and social media, Laura coaches leaders on strategies and techniques that fuel career and business innovation.

Step #1? Subscribe to Socializ’d, a weekly newsletter that helps marketers stay relevant with the most important social updates, emerging platforms, and creative campaigns. Laura co-founded Socializ’d at McKinney, an award-winning advertising agency.


40-minute Presentation: A deep dive into social media’s impact on today’s business world, best in class social media campaigns, and how to approach social media strategically.

Interactive Workshops: Laura sits down with company leaders to workshop their own online presence, review best- in-class examples, and brainstorm creative solutions that support the leader’s goals on social media.

Engaged Leader Training: Laura meets with professionals 1:1 to discuss your strategic approach to social media and how to engage in ways that build your personal reputation and the reputation of your company.


“Laura possesses great insight into social media and the communication skills to share her knowledge with a variety of audiences – whether it is young women, parents, brands or institutions. Her lessons are smart, digestible and practical – they are “real world” tested. My personal brand has been impacted by Laura’s fine work as she’s helped me transform my own LinkedIn profile to ensure we’re effectively using the tools specific to that important social platform.”

Laura Gentile
Senior Vice President
espnW and ESPN

“Laura is and has been one of my favorite creative guides during my time at McKinney. Without hesitation, the agency looks to her for in-depth understanding of emerging and current social platforms. She’s constantly elevating her game. For instance, she started Socializ’d – a weekly update on key developments in social media. Her Socializ’d program alone has inspired fresh ideas and kept our creatives ahead of the curve in this deadline driven world.”

Alex Nassour
Art Director

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