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  • Looking to coach your teen on using social media and digital sites safely and responsibility?
  • Struggling to keep up with the latest social apps?
  • Worried about private information that your child shares?
  • Concerned about cyberbullying, haters and trolls?

The importance of parents coaching their children on digital etiquette has never been more critical. More and more colleges and employers inspect your children’s digital personas before deciding “go” or “no go,” which ultimately can decide professional futures, scholarship dollars, and more. But coaching your child effectively requires building trust, understanding their needs and the newest platforms and monitoring respectfully while not turning into helicopter parent.

As a social media expert and corporate professional who works with thousands of teens each year, Laura Tierney has a first-hand understanding of how to coach teens on social. With her unique ability to bridge the generational gap, she trains parents on strategies and techniques to help their children use social networks powerfully and positively.

Parents who work with Laura learn how to best set their child up for long-term success — by using social media in ways that build, rather than decay, their own reputation.


Parent Presentation: Parents sit down with Laura to learn how to help their children use social media positively as they prep for college recruiting, for scholarships and ultimately a professional career. This is typically a 40-50 minute evening session that follows the school presentation to students and faculty.


“Laura possesses great insight into social media and the communication skills to share her knowledge with a variety of audiences – whether it is young women, parents, brands or institutions. Her lessons are smart, digestible and practical – they are “real world” tested. My personal brand has been impacted by Laura’s fine work as she’s helped me transform my own LinkedIn profile to ensure we’re effectively using the tools specific to that important social platform.”

Laura Gentile
Senior Vice President
espnW and ESPN

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