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  • Using social media without regard to future consequences?
  • Hyper focused on how many “likes” they get?
  • Anxious due to gossiping, online drama or cyberbullying?
  • Unaware of the private information they’re sharing publicly?

With growing numbers of admissions officers and employers using social media to evaluate applicants, the stakes have never been higher. But how can we reach teens when their brains haven’t even developed to the point of understanding consequences and sound judgement?

Laura Tierney’s inspirational coaching style relies on a unique, positive approach proven to connect with teens. She gives them lasting lessons on smarter, more effective ways to use of social media in their personal and, at some point, professional lives.

Teens who attend Laura’s workshops and speeches realize their potential and self-worth, build a healthy relationship with their smartphones, and understand how to navigate internships and college recruiting.


School Assembly Presentations: Students bring their cell phones and leave with a new understanding of how to use social media positively and powerfully. Faculty are welcome (and encouraged!) to join. Visit our Testimonials to see how students have responded from this innovative, forward-thinking workshop.

Interactive Workshops: 10 to 30 students sit down to examine their current social media presence, run Social Sprints™, and discuss how to best navigate positive and negative online situations. Perfect for groups like single classes, athletic teams and student leadership groups.

1:1 Student Training: Students assess their digital footprint, get Laura’s coaching on how to sharpen their profiles, follow positive role models that fuel their passions, and develop a game plan to use social in ways that support their personal goals and professional ambitions.

Parent Presentations: Parents sit down with Laura to learn how to help their children use social media positively as they prep for college recruiting, for scholarships and ultimately a professional career. This is typically an 40-50 minute evening session that follows the school presentation to students and faculty. Learn more

Faculty Bootcamps: Laura meets with Faculty to share social media best practices that can build the school’s reputation, polish each faculty member’s digital footprint, and get teachers and administration up to speed on all things social. Learn more


  1. Win The Game of Social Media (tailored to Middle School or Upper School students)
  2. All Likes & No Love: The Impact of Social on Girls
  3. Pursuing Careers in Social Media


“All too often the topic of social media in schools is delivered through a negative approach. What Laura brought to our girls was such a relatable, healthy, constructive message that the students began to take ownership of right before our eyes. For the first time, they heard an adult tell them TO USE social media, which allowed them to be engaged when it came time to learn, how TO WIN at social media.”

Caroline Blaum
Admissions Director
Oldfields Prep School (top ranked girls boarding school in the U.S.)

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